09 February 2016

Downloads! Sharing is caring :)

And today I have recovered the downloads page!

Enjoy all the knowledge!

15 October 2015

And today I launched the 3.0 version of the www.ct2fzi.net website.

The first step for a renewed station.

23 April 2013

Interesting: A QSO with me was published in Youtube! Thank you M0KTY :)

28 April 2012

Today I have completed 100 DXCC zones/countries. 

Took me about 2 years.

What a big mark for my station...

28 September 2010

CT2FZI.NET Version 2.0


Today I put the www.ct2fzi.net website version 2.0.

Its faster, more user friendly and more stable. I also kept it simple.

The menu is more intuitive and the useful area for content improved by 20%!

On the left, an image of the older site.

17 September 2010

Some changes...


Today I have made some small changes on the website (removed the guestbook because I do not like banners, added a contact form).

Also, the station itself was subject to some changes: I am now using a very good PC headset in my IC-756Pro.

The circuit is on the "downloads" section, called: mic - pc_headset_circuit.png

20 May 2010

European PSK Club

European PSK Club

The EPC is like any other HAM radio organization, a group of HAMs who are interested in promoting PSK mode(s). In order to keep interest up on the PSK mode(s), the idea of collecting "EPC Numbers" has been developing. 

Personally, each member enjoys the camaraderie of kindred spirits, whether the activity is informal rag chewing or numbers chasing or a more formal EU PSK DX Contest or QSO Party.

13 April 2010

QRP Amateur Radio International

Very Interesting :) 

24 November 2009

Website up and running.


This is the official launch of the CT2FZI website.

I will try my best to keep it up to date and with some very useful content.

Hope to meet you here and "on the air"!


Luis, CT2FZI